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PANDDA Standards of Practice for Nurses in Australia

The relevant registering authorities establish entry-level standards for the profession of nursing. They represent the level of competency expected of every registered nurse at the time of admission to the register.

Standards for professional practice in Developmental Disability Nursing represent the performance, which might be expected from a registered nurse who has been working for a period equivalent to 12 months full-time in any developmental disability context. These standards complement and extend the standard for professional practice expected from all registered nurses.

These standards for Developmental Disability Nursing provide the foundation for public accountability as well as serving as a guide for the evaluation of Developmental Disability Nursing practice. If standards of practice are to remain relevant as well as add to the continuing development of Developmental Disability Nursing knowledge it is imperative that they be reviewed on a regular and consistent basis.

1. The Developmental Disability Nurse establishes partnerships as the working basis for professional and therapeutic relationships.

2. The Developmental Disability Nurse provides systematic nursing care that reflects contemporary nursing practice and the client’s holistic needs within the context of their life situation.

The Developmental Disability Nurse recognises that a person’s values are important and their rights are paramount in the delivery of nursing care.

3. The Developmental Disability Nurse promotes the health and wellness of individuals, families and communities.

4. The Developmental Disability Nurse ensures their nursing practice is culturally appropriate through the identification of and reflection of relevant cultural issues. The nursing practice of the Developmental Disability Nurse protects the rights of an individual with developmental disability, their families and significant others.

5. The Developmental Disability Nurse commits to ongoing education and professional growth and seeks to enhance the practice of Developmental Disability Nursing through the use of appropriate research findings.

6. The Developmental Disability Nurse practices within an ethical and legal framework incorporating the concepts of professional identity, independence, interdependence, authority and partnership.

Advanced Practice Standard

Developmental Disability Nurses demonstrate advanced practice when they are able to integrate at a level of excellence, the previous six standards incorporating them in clinical practice, leadership, management, research or education.

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